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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is the term used for describing a dental work that aims on improving an individual’s gums, teeth and anything related to it. We are very much aware that the teeth can bring a lot of problems to an individual. Some people are even embarrassed about it but San Marcos Cosmetic Dentistry tells us that there is still a chance to remove all of their oral problems with the help of our services.

Cosmetic Dentistry is one of the most common ways of fixing various oral problems. San Marcos Cosmetic Dentistry is capable of making your teeth white and shiny. That way, it would look more youthful. As many people believe that a good-looking smile is a great social asset, there is no wonder why people invest a lot on their teeth. The whitening procedure can change a person’s life.

Another service offered in our Cosmetic Dentistry is the implants. People who experienced having a missing tooth or teeth know how uncomfortable it can be. Therefore, they consider getting an implant. Our dentists in San Marcos does a great job in performing implants to the point where other people would not even notice that our patients have gotten implants because it just look so real and feels real too.

Many people have said goodbyes for metals as a filling for the spots in the teeth that have decayed. The reason for this is that it just looks so unnatural. We, at San Marcos Cosmetic Dentistry now use artificial fillings. These fillings look very natural and are lightweight as well. Moreover, this can be finished in no time.

We also offer dentures a way for giving their patients a better looking smile. The dentures were originally created in assisting individuals while we are chewing their food. However, nowadays, the San Cosmetic Dentistry field has found ways on beautifying it. This procedure serves as a great alternative for the people who cannot afford implants. On the other hand, implants are used during the cases where the teeth can no longer be attached to its roots for the implant is the procedure that replaces both the tooth and its roots.

San Marcos Cosmetic Dentistry also offers the contouring procedure. The procedure involves processes such as fixing the alignment of the overlapping tooth and reshaping the teeth. People avail of this procedure from the Cosmetic Dentistry for the reason that it can help them have straighter and aligned teeth, which contributes in having a better smile.

Aside from the contouring, our dentistry offers other options that would also help in straightening teeth. The first options could be the dental brace. This forces the teeth to be in their desired position. This may require multiple readjustments and the process may take a long time. For those people who do not want visible braces, they have an option to choose the invisible one. People who are wearing it does not seem like we are wearing it at all. There you have our San Marcos Cosmetic Dentistry services that we are truly proud of.