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General Dentistry


At Oceanside Affordable Dentist, we provide basic and advanced general dental care designed to maintain and restore oral health.
Regular general dental check-ups help you keep your teeth and gums healthy and bacteria-free, preserving the life of your teeth and preventing the need for invasive and expensive procedures to correct problems.


Regular dental check-ups can prevent the need for major dental work in the future and is far more cost effective than allowing problems to go on undetected. Check-ups, cleans and associated services are often subsidised or provided with “no-gaps” to members of private health insurance funds who have extras or ancillary cover.
It is almost never too early to get into the healthy habit of six-monthly dental visits.
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One of our most important goals at the Oceanside Affordable Dentist, is to help our patients keep their teeth for life. The easiest way to reduce the risk of decay, serious infections or disease is with a good preventative dentistry system.
Preventative dentistry is a combined effort. Regular check-ups and proper dental hygiene at home mean that you and your family dentist work together to maintain the health of your teeth.
Our experts will assist you in developing a program to maximise these efforts and avoid future complex and costly treatment.
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When a tooth is damaged by decay, abscess or fracture, a root canal treatment can retain your original tooth and prevent the need for extraction.
This treatment can help prevent premature tooth loss and, when combined with a dental crown, it will restore the function and comfort of your teeth and your smile.
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Composite fillings can be done with only one visit to the Oceanside Affordable Dentist. They are comparable in strength to amalgam and can be easily fitted into smaller cavities, so less drilling is needed to prepare the tooth.
Our dentist will begin by preparing the cavity to make room for the composite filling. Once inserted, a special light is used to harden the filling.
Once finished, the dentist will trim the composite to create a perfect fit and then polished to reduce discolouration or staining.
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We will only remove your tooth when no other option is suitable. If required, your tooth extraction is performed mainly if there is extreme tooth decay or trauma.
Tooth extractions can also be a part of a larger dental procedure including the extraction of some permanent teeth to make space for orthodontic or invisalign treatment
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Dentures are an easy way of replacing missing teeth, and are a lot more affordable than implant or bridge work. However they are removable, meaning that they are not as comfortable as a fixed prosthesis.
We are able to construct dentures for single tooth replacement, partial tooth loss or replacement of all teeth.
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At Oceanside Affordable Dentist, we are experienced in the most up-to-date general dental procedures and technologies and offer quality general dental care with a patient-centered focus.
If you would like to make an appointment for General Dentistry services at Oceanside Affordable Dentist please call  (760) 722-0137 .