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Tooth decay is caused by an accumulation of plaque. If this plaque is not brushed away with regular (twice daily) cleaning, it will turn into tartar – an accumulation of bacteria that requires a professional scale and clean to remove. This tartar is what slowly erodes the tooth enamel, causing holes that make your teeth susceptible to tooth decay.

If left untreated, tooth decay can cause severe pain and discomfort, and lead to other conditions such as inflamed pulp and periodontal disease, which can result in tooth loss! At Emerald Dental in Oceanside we combat tooth decay with the help of dental fillings that seal the tooth from further damage.

Preparing the tooth for a filling

Before we seal off the area that has been affected by decay we will clean the area of bacteria and debris. This is required to protect the interior of the tooth from becoming infected after it has been sealed.

The Filling Procedure

We can use composite resin or amalgam to seal your tooth, although most patients prefer composite resin as it is color matched to your natural tooth and is virtually unnoticeable. Amalgam is a conventional metal alloy filling that provides a cost-effective and stable solution to a damaged tooth. If you’re unsure about which filling option to select ask your dentist at City Smiles for a recommendation.

Restorative and Cosmetic Benefits

While Emerald Dental will always aims to maintain the health of your mouth as a priority we also understand the importance of having a beautiful smile. In order to ensure a filling does not compromise your smile we will shape and tailor the filling specifically to your tooth structure for a natural shape.