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San Marcos Dental Dental Check-Ups

Regular the dental examinations and Dental check-ups is an important part of ensuring your dental health. It is also the process that significantly contributes in preventing any dental-related problem through early detection. By detecting a dental problem at the soonest time possible, the more you are likely to save apart from eliminating any possible discomfort you may have experience otherwise. But, all these benefits can only be guaranteed if you undergo your needed San Marcos dental examinations ad check-ups regularly.

Generally, a patient is recommended to visit their dentist and have a Dental check-ups conducted twice a year. However, oral hygiene needs typically changes as a person grows older. The same goes as the patient’s gums and teeth’s condition changes. In any case, you will be recommended to use an ideal and appropriate schedule that you can follow based on those changes. Hence, your need for San Marcos Dental check-ups may change and even be reduced to less than twice a year depending on your age and dental health’s condition.

Routine San Marcos Dental check-ups

A good dental health is easily achieved through prevention. Prevention entails being able to detect any dental-related problems like cavities and oral diseases in its earliest stages to stop them from further worsening. This is one of the primary functions and benefits associated to regular check-ups.

Upon arriving at the clinic, you will have to chance to meet and discuss your oral heath with the dentist. Afterwards, the dentist will begin examining your gums and teeth along with discussing any changes that occurred concerning your overall health. This may include discussing any medications you are using.

After this part, your teeth is cleaned then followed by having them polished. Along the procedure or after, you are given the chance to speak about any questions you have. This is then followed by conducting a second exam. This second exam is meant to check for any signs that may indicate the presence of oral cancer or disease.

During the Dental check-ups

The San Marcos dental examinations and Dental check-ups are conducted to look and dental check-up on several things. But the procedure is not started before checking and reviewing a patient’s medical history. The purpose of doing this is to obtain insights about your overall health and dental health. X-ray examination is then performed to detect the presence of decay, cysts, tumors and bone loss. This procedure is also done to help in determining the root and tooth’s positions.

This is followed by oral cancer screening and gum disease evaluation. The first procedure entails checking your face, lips, tongue, gums, tissues, throat and neck for oral cancer and sings while the second is done to check for of any signs that may indicate the presence of periodontal disease. If you had fillings and crows procedure done before, these will be checked as well. Once all are examined, and the tooth and gums are cleaned and polished, the dentist will provide necessary recommendations about oral hygiene to you.

The staff and dentists at the clinic are not only dedicated to serving and providing patients with the needed dental services. They are also always ready to provide answers to questions you have. If you have questions, no matter how small they may be, don’t hesitate to ask.